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Hyper Addictive Games

We bring simple fun and joy to everyone

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Simply Addictive Games

As an experienced game development team, we have dedicated ourselves to creating high-quality experiences that engage and delight players of all ages. To ensure the excellence of our products,

we have worked closely with a range of publishing companies to carefully test and refine

our games. With our extensive experience and attention to detail, we are confident in

our ability to consistently deliver top-notch content to our players.


Fresh Releases

We are constantly striving to create engaging and innovative experiences for our players. Here are some of our newest releases.


Idle Clicker

Buy blades and keep cutting the fruits!
Merge your blades to get better blades. Fill up your mixer and slash all the fruits!

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Create your own flower gardens!
Try to match the order image with the flowers you plant. Water your plants as you watch them grow and unfold an enchanting pattern!

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Action - Hypercasual

Run away from the wave of police cars!
Collect all kinds of weapons and upgrades for your cars to beat all the cops!

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Join the skulk of foxes 🦊

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