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Our Games

Welcome to our collection of games! We are a game development startup with a diverse portfolio of over 40 titles. Our lineup includes everything from casual games that offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience, to fast-paced hypercasual games that will keep you on the edge of your seat. We are constantly working on new and exciting projects, so be sure to check back often to see what we have in store. Thank you for choosing to play our games!

Keep Slicing!

Keep Slicing!

Buy blades and keep cutting the fruits!
Merge your blades to get better blades. Fill up your mixer and slash all the fruits!

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Fill The Garden

Create your own flower gardens!
Try to match the order image with the flowers you plant. Water your plants as you watch them grow and unfold an enchanting pattern!

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Hyper Pursuit!

Run away from the wave of police cars!
Collect all kinds of weapons and upgrades for your cars to beat all the cops!

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LoveHit is a game where you are playing as Eros and you have to match people with who they want to be with in various places like parks, streets and bonus locations .

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Fulfill It!

Take orders and deliver the items to the people. Work as the manager in your ever-growing fulfillment center!
Buy drones and robots to help you out.

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456: Sniper Doll

Become a marksman and shoot down players that don't play by the rules!

Don't let anyone escape!

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Trade Up

Take orders and deliver the items to the people. Work as the manager in your ever-growing fulfillment center!
Buy drones and robots to help you out.

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Digging Rush

Can you collect a team of powerfull miners and find out what lies under the ground?

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Traveller Run

Guess the country according to the clues by guiding our travel girl.

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Parking Merge

Carefully park your way into the slots then merge vehicles until you reach the highest level of car.

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Makeup Drive

Drive to evolve!

Evolve your car for a chance to win against the best driver out there!

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Wet And Run

Wet'em all!

Wet pedestrians with water guns and run away from cops.

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Angel Or Devil

Pick your side and evolve your Angel Or Devil. Fight through Heaven or Hell and kill the big boss!

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Airport Rush 3D

Collect luggages and earn money. Spend your money to buy new planes and upgrade your airport!

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Save The Crowd

Blast the enemies by shooting.
Don't forget to shoot the dynamite!
We need to protect the crowd, blow up the tank!

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Toy Designer 3D

Collect parts and create your own unique toys!

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Kitchen Survive

Pass through platforms that has hungry prisoners fighting to get a piece from your food. Defend as your life depends on it to deliver the most amount of food to your king to feast.

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Store Organizer

Pick the color of your taste, fold the clothes and place them as you wish to create an amazing visual presentation of you store.

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Letter Match

Search through pile of 3D letters to submit your answer before time runs out!

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Save Your Money

Pass through the gates, save and evolve your money!

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History Judge 3D

Judge the people that come from history and decide what you want to do with them. If you pick the right option, the earth becomes a better place. If not, the earth becomes HELL!

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Slay Them All

Aim and slice all the monsters!

Aim towards the monsters and slay them all!

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Donut Stacker

Collect and stack donuts and upgrade them to earn money!

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Fly Up

Fly up with your balloon and race against the stickman.

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Skate And Feed

Skate and hit the water balls towards the Monster Plants to feed them!
Dont feed the Red Monster Plant!

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Robber Hand

Control the hand to steal the items. Be careful about the traps and guards.

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456- Rope Challange.png

456: Rope Challange

Roll the dice! Higher you roll the stronger your team will become to take down the enemy.

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Crate Stair Challenge

Build your stair with milk crates to beat the challenge!

Collect more crates to build a higher stair and beat the challenge!

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Focus It 3D

Distribute your money to minimize your loss while facing against tricky pixelated images that are chosen to trick your eyes!

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And Many More

Check out our store pages for more games...

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